Where in the World is AI Growth?

Artificial intelligence technology, often referred to as AI, has presented a massive disruption to the current job market. 85 million jobs will become obsolete due to the technology, but as a counterbalance to this trend, 97 million jobs will be created to deal with AI in some capacity. Some of the fastest growing jobs on the market related to AI include roles such as data scientist and software developers. AI skills such as algorithm development and machine learning are gaining more relevance as recruitment begins to hone in on these skills. 

The United States is taking the lead in the AI integration race. There are already 73,000 job postings on the market related to AI, demonstrating a new direction for the American job market. Not every state has the same rate of adoption with this new technology, but 1.5% of every state’s job postings revolve around AI in some capacity. Texas and California are the hubs of AI in the country though, with tens of thousands of new AI jobs related to this technology. 
Other countries that are also hopping on the AI wave include India, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Each of these countries rank on the list of either the most job postings or roles in current operations related to AI. They lag far behind the US, but nevertheless demonstrate that the growth of AI is happening on a global scale. Some countries, such as Hungary and Poland, have a high likelihood of replacing a third of their workforce with AI.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?

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